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Fellow Americans...

I was in class today writing again and we (the class) started talking about Memorial Day and the young dead men that came from our community. 25 people directly from our naval base (sea bees) were in the newspaper with their dates of death. All except two died after George Bush landed on the aircraft carrier and said "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED". 22 young, minority, unhealthy men. From ages 19-26 died for the wealthy, old, white gentlemen that sent us to war. (At this time not one person in the House of Representatives had a family member of their own in the armed forces.) I'm not saying we shouldn't have gone to war that's up to you and your whole moral standing. But I’m saying as humans. We have not taught ourselves to rise against violence yet. It’s amazing how we can blast people off into space, and how I can talk to someone half way around the world or even in the next room by pushing buttons on a box not even having to yell. And how we can genetically engineer tomatoes to grow until their as big as your grandma's butt. But we still can't figure out how to solve our problems without violence. In other countries there are nuclear bombs a lot of them to. And it scares the fuck out of me knowing that at anytime, if someone doesn’t get what they want millions of people will die. If you saw the new Indiana Jones and the simulation test screen it shows a fake community being demolished. We will burn slowly and painfully, our children will melt, and our shadows will be burned into the ground. If we launch a nuclear bomb people will die in a way NO ONE should. 82% of Americans want our troops to come home. 82% we live in a democracy and 82% of the people want our troops back. Do you think the head haunchos give a fuck what we really think? And back to the violence it starts within us. PEACE. If we as Americans cannot start excepting each other for our differences, and if we don’t stop, picking the things out that make us so different we are fucked as a species. The human species is screwed if we can’t do that.


it never fails when i see the great beginning's of bad habits. i saw a mother with her child and every time the kid threw her bottle the om would pick it up and give it back. and people thought it was cute. the child is learning if she / he does something enough times they'll get what they want. and parents can't get mad when their kid is the one crying in the store candy isle begging for something when you already said no, because you thought it was all cute when they were little. so what's to change

Writer's Block: Lame jobs

What's the worst job you've ever had?
 i used to work for my aunt at her mail center and she used to pick me up at 6 in the morning and drop me off at her shop then i would have to open up the store, sort the mail, rent out the boxes and, get the passport i.d. machine to start up and take photos. she would come back and drop off her kids to "HELP" me. but that ended up being a babysitting job because her daughter would over charge the customer and i would get yelled at. and then whenever we had to ship something i would have to re-package it because she would damage it or let the customer ship something illegel and it would get sent back...and i can go on and on but to top that off, when she picked us up when i closed and cleaned up the place she would hand me a twenty dolla bill if her daughter was their and forty if she wasn't. 20 different jobs in two different feild from 6 to 6 with nothing to insure my health because the heavy boxes that i had to lift pulled my back 5 times a week and i had constant migranes from her two children. after that year i never returned her calls and i promised myself i was going to stay in school fr as long as i can.

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